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These are exciting times for the people with a big idea or particular expertise.

If you’re one of these people, you’re in the right place and at the right time! It’s never been easier to get out there and make money doing what you love, with access to more people than ever thanks to the internet.

Whether we’re working together in a private or group coaching setting, and when you’re taking one of my online courses, helping you be seen and heard is my #1 goal!

I want to help you succeed by identifying and avoiding the many pitfalls people who start out stumble into and giving you tools and techniques to get out there and shine!

Why me?

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked in finance, in web development, creating online training courses, successfully launched and run 3 service companies, written a book, and brought up 3 kids while living in 3 countries. I know how to get stuff done efficiently with a focus on success, and can help you with that too.
I don’t just have the experience, but also the tools: I’m certified in the Book Yourself Solid® system and with Science of People, a human research lab.
I’m on a mission to help people with talents, gifts and experiences successfully share them with the world, and get paid to do it. The future of solo service entrepreneurship is very bright, with incredible opportunities to get paid doing what you love, and working with people who energise and inspire you.

I’m also on a mission to help the growth mindset take over the world. The way too common fixed mindset filled with self limiting beliefs is often the only thing holding us back from achieving our full potential. All my programs are centered around helping you break through doubt, fear and shame, and are enhanced with practical and applicable tools to help you achieve your vision.

My promise to you is that I will be focused 200% on your success, providing you with all the techniques, tricks, tools, questions and encouragement I have to help you achieve your goals and your full potential.

Helping you be seen and heard


Get more clients

Building on my experience and using the proven Book Yourself Solid® method, we will put in place a repeatable system that will bring you more clients… but not just any clients.. ideal clients!


Improve your presence

Learning about Body Language is as much fun as it is life changing! With the Science of People method, we’ll get straight down to business and teach you how you can start using non-verbal communication to increase your influence right away!


Image branding

A photograph is very often the first contact a potential client will have with you or your product the wrong image might be costing you business. I will help you create or select the right image your online profile or advertising to ensure maximum lead conversion. Also check out my online course to learn how to pose like a pro for your business portraits!

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Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice. Not something to wish for, but to attain.

What's your vision? What's your talent? What's your big idea? I can't wait to hear about them!
Tell me about your dream, project, vision and let’s see if I can help and if we’re made to work together. Tell me more and I’ll call you back asap. No strings attached.Tell me more