The Power of
Body Language

Learn how you can use this Superpower to improve your presence!

Did you know that in 30 minutes of interaction, two people can give off 800 nonverbal cues!
That’s crazy right? So imagine what you’re missing out on if you’re oblivious them.

Mastering Body Language is like having a Superpower! A really good, positive, life improving Superpower.

Suddenly the world makes more sense, you can read and understand situations and emotions better, get your message across to more people and your relationships improve.

Improving your Body Language skills can have a dramatic impact on your personal brand. From sales conversations, to pitching, to networking, to presenting, to negotiation, and even deception detection, this is a skill you cannot live without if you want to have an impact on the world!

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Did you know?

first impression

Your first impression happens as soon as a person sees you and will leave a lasting impression that will be hard to change?

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up to

Up to 90% of our communication is
non verbal?

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believe body language

A person is 12 times more likely to believe your body language over your words?

Improve your presence

and Control the conversation with the Power of Body Language

Learning about Body Language is as much fun as it is life changing! With the Science of People method, we’ll get straight down to business and teach you how you can start using non-verbal communication to increase your influence right away!

You cannot succeed in business, or in life without understanding people. Yet, this is something that is rarely taught in school or in business training! And I’m here to help change that!

You might be finding that your message doesn’t always get across, you’re attracting difficult customers, people are not returning your calls, you’re getting interrupted in meetings, people are telling you that you’re difficult to talk to, you’ve found out that you were lied to, or any other reason you think you’re not being heard or understood… this might be an indicator that something in your Body Language is not aligning with your verbal message.

I chose to become a Science of People coach because everything we teach is 100% backed up by Science and has been successfully tested in their Human Behaviour Lab… so that you can go out and start using it successfully right away!

Whether you want a simple evaluation, or you want to dive into the subject deeply, I can’t wait to hear from you and start helping you step up your game!

What you will learn

Science based research and practical applications:

  • What Non Verbal Communication is
    … and how it impacts our communication
  • Evaluate the areas you need / want to improve on
  • Learn how to use Body Language in different situations

At the end of the program, you will have built a solid Science Based knowledge about Body Language and how to apply it in the situations you have chosen to work on.

“At the end of the program, you will have learnt how to use Body Language to up your professional (and personal) game.”

How to work with me

Keynote Speaking

Hire Dee to come and give a customised presentation to your organisation or group.

These edutaining speaks introduce the key elements of Body Language and give you skills you can start applying as soon as you walk out of the room.

Talks can be as short as 30 minutes for a fun “lunch and learn” presentation, up to 3 hour in depth presentations around a topic that is important to your audience.

Keynote speaking is ideal for Entrepreneur groups, Sales teams, Human Resources, Managers, Attorneys and Healthcare Professionals.


Take your organisation or team to the next level

Dive deep into the Science of Body Language and learn applicable skills to take your team or organisation to the next level.

These edutaining workshops will give you practical and applicable skills you can start using immediately to up your game!

From a half day condensed workshop, to a full 3 day boot-camp, the content will be tailored to your specific needs.

These workshops are ideal for professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to increase their effectiveness in sales, negotiations, and inter-office relationships, as well as improve their interpersonal communications.


Tailored to your individual or group needs

Fully tailored to your individual needs, these coaching sessions will address the specific areas of non-verbal communication that you want to develop.

Whether you want to work on your first impression, improving your presence, delivering a sales pitch or a presentation, identifying deception, or all of the above, we will tailor a curriculum to fit your objectives.

Coaching is typically delivered in 1.5 hour sessions, but we can also organise half or full day workshops if working on a specific project.

Included in the coaching program is your own personalised workbook.

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Who is the program for?

This program is for you if you want to understand yourself and others better.

If you want to communicate better and increase your influence in life and business.

It’s for people who are ready to question their behaviour and are willing to change.

And it’s for people who have honest intentions and want to use their new knowledge for good!

Basically, if you want to up your game in an honest way and have fun doing it,

this program is for you!

Who is it not for?

I will not work with people who are looking to use this knowledge to manipulate or harm others.

People who are not ready to be authentic, whiners or people who expect me to make decisions for them.

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